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I have been attending yoga classes at Niramayah for the past two years. Looking back to when I  attended my frist class, I was unable to bend or flex my muscles, and was suffering from spondylitis and a slipped disc in my neck. This has improved and my pain has eased out, today i am also able to stand on my head with support. I also used to wake up with sneezes which would go on, and my daughter used to curse me saying .. “moms alarm is on” , the breathing exercise ..which is a part of this session, has stopped ‘moms alarm” completely :):) The instructor at Niramayah is very friendly and strict at the same time. She is very informative and helps us get relief of all types of ailment. She advises the right methods to overcome the aches and pains. I am proud to be part of Niramayah! There are days when I am lazy and do not to wake up, but the thought of missing these yoga classes, makes me feel like I would miss the relaxation I get, and this motivates me to attend the class.